ETIM BMEcat Validator 1.5

Verify if your ETIM BMEcat file is well formed and valid against the xsd schema and ETIM BMEcat International Guidelines.

ETIM BMEcat Validator Privacy Policy

I. General information

The Service (ETIM BMEcat Validator) performs functions of obtaining information about users and their behavior in the following manner.

II. Information voluntarily entered in the forms

1. Forms that allow personal data to be entered and stored in the application are:

  • the "Register" form – the information entered in this form is used only for user login/identification purposes,
  • the "Invoice data" form – the information entered in this form is used for invoicing purposes.

2. The user has the right to inspect, modify this data and request to delete it at any time.

III. Information about cookies

1. The Service uses cookies.

2. Cookies are computer data (usually text files), which are stored on the user’s end device and used to remember stateful information or to record the user's activity. These files typically contain the name of the website from which they originate, how long they have been stored on the end device and a unique number. Web browsers usually allow storing cookies in the user's end device by default. Users can change the default settings. The Internet browser allows also to delete cookies. Detailed information on this subject can be found in the web browser's help or documentation. Restrictions on the use of cookies may affect certain functionalities available in the Service.

3. In the Service cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • maintaining the user session parameters,
  • Google Analytics statistics that help you understand how users use the system to improve its structure and content (the rules for the use of cookies used in Google Analytics statistics are described in the document Google Analytics Privacy Policy).

IV. Server logs

1. Information about certain actions performed by users are subject to logging. This data is used exclusively for the administration purposes and to ensure the best quality of the provided Service.

2. The following information is collected:

  • time of last activity,
  • details of some operations (validation, paypal payments),
  • e-mail logs.

V. PayPal

We provide the possibility to pay for transactions using PayPal. When you use PayPal's website to make a payment to us, you are subject to PayPal's Privacy Policy, which you can review on their Privacy Policy page.

VI. Operator

1. The operator and the data administrator of the Service is Medialab s.c. Bożena Rożenek, Zbigniew Rożenek, Beskidzka 25, 91-612 Lodz, Poland.

2. The obtained data (mentioned above) are not made available to third parties.

3. We reserve the right to change the ETIM BMEcat Validator Privacy Policy, which may be affected by the development of Internet technologies or the development of the Service. The user is obliged to read this privacy policy every time he or she starts using the Service. By continuing to use the Service after making changes to the privacy policy, the user agree to its current version.